Access Control System

Security of premises through intelligent electronic security systems

Access Control System

Access control system is the solution for all types of entry & exit related control

Security of premises through intelligent electronic security systems are today’s one of the mandatory requirements. Every business, secure premises or home requires certain techniques of locking and unlocking the physical access points. Access control system is the solution for all types of entry & exit related control and it collects the information about the access with time and other details. Intelligent access control system tracks every entry to your secure places and provides you instant information. The door access control system installed in your office can grant access, restricts access to card or person with conditions of access. Smart access control system have the features of cctv integration, recording of all types of events, integration with fire alarm system from safety point of view and can also be integrated with building management system .

Standalone Access Control

Standalone means one door one set of device and direct connectivity of the device with LAN or computer. The access control system can be implemented standalone on every door and all the devices can be connected with one common software for receiving commands, downloading the access logs and creating reports on the received data for day, week or months. If failure occurs, every door is independently connected to set of devices for access control so the dependency on the system gets reduced due to separate hardware.

Risk is minimized in standalone access control system by limiting the access to particular door only. Small premises with less no. of doors can use this type of access control system. This will give the high performance in very less cost of the system.

Distributed Access Control System

There are some of important security features available in distributed type of access control system: • Networked System with single location or multi- location design • Anti-Passback- Local & Global Anti-Passback • Door Interlocking for More Secure places or clean room applications • Duress Finger or Card- Used In Case of Forced Access Scenario • Access Time Zones • Deny List to Restrict The Access • Access Levels Programming • Facility Code Restrictions • IO Boxes for elimination of door from main controller in case of failure • Sharing of panel loads for fail secure function • Multiple types of reader technologies can be integrated • Programmed smart card readers and cards implementation • Integration capability with other devices and software • Compatibility with existing IT infrastructure.

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