Biometric System

Day-to-day business data, disciplined manpower and defined work process.

Biometric System

Accounting of data for every organization is as mandatory as to have the idea for a successful business.

Every business needs accounting of the day-to-day business data, disciplined manpower and defined work process.

Accounting of manpower daily attendance, keeping attendance records, making salary according to the employee attendance transactions is a regular process for every organization. It may be a factory producing goods, corporate office managing the business verticals, Govt. Offices running different functions of administration & Services in the states, small offices providing the products & services, workshop for small scale manufacturing & maintenance, Warehouses for storing the products, college for education, school for academic education or a hospital providing healthcare facilities, every type of manpower needs to be accounted and wages to be prepared according to that accounting.


The automatic attendance process gives speed, accuracy, discipline and easy to maintain accountability for attendance marking & recording process. The attendance recording can be done with various types of technologies available in form of attendance automation machines and software.

Thumb Machines

Fingerprint attendance system is the most common type of attendance solutions being used in India. Attendance devices can be accessed easily with fingers. Backup of fingerprints can be kept in the device, more than one fingers can be taken for escaping the situations like: “not marking attendance due to any cut or damaged fingerprint”. This makes the fingerprint attendance system more user friendly and supportive.

This type of biometric attendance system has larger capacity for more number of users to suit big organizations.

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Machines are available for small, Medium and large organizations with suitable system architecture and technologies.

Implementation and technical support is one of the important factors for setting up and smooth running of attendance systems. HR peoples must be trained for the operation of automatic attendance devices & software. A good understanding of organizational policies and available features of software to implement these policies as required for the user of biometric fingerprint attendance system.

Fingerprints cannot be duplicated or transferred, it removes the proxy punching problem and efficiency of the system gets improved.

Adhaar Based Machines

Biometric Attendance Terminals and Devices for UIDAI Attendance System (Aadhaar Enabled, STQC certified) Used for Attendance in:
  • VTP, Vocational Training Program
  • STQC certified Attendance system
  • Central Government - Aadhaar Enabled Attendance
  • Integrated on
  • State Government departments, Aadhaar basedn
Approved by DGSnD under following categories:
  • Tender Enquiry No. BAS/ES-4/RC-711D0000/1215/34
  • Integrated Attendance Device Type - I,Connectivity: 3G

The Standalone Terminal is all-in-one, affordable, WiFi enabled terminal. It can be used for various applications such as Time Attendance, Access Control, Workflow Management, Canteen Management, Visitor Management, Worker Management etc. This innovative Biometric clock will dramatically improve your ability to monitor your workforce movements during their working patterns and with features that gives you better time and management reporting.

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