Surveillance System


CCTV System is one of the major security & monitoring tool in today’s world.

CCTV is proved to be the first choice above all types of other available security techniques. CCTV (Close Circuit Television) is also known as video surveillance. CCTV System technologies have been developed and improved over time. The CCTV cameras start from the analog cameras which are available in good budgetary prices and goes up to high e d cameras for specific types of requirements.


Installing CCTV cameras can reduce the risk by providing information about the activities and gives full control of your premises. Every type of premises needs security in today’s environment. Deploying physical manpower for security of premises is the common known method of security. The security camera is an electronic device which you can deploy with physical security for enhancing the level of security and recording all types of incidents & threats.

Analog & AHD CCTV System

Analog CCTV cameras are DVR based cameras. Analog cctv system meets the maximum market demand every year. The analog type means the CCTV camera & DVR to be connected through a video cable using the video transmission technique. While designing any CCTV Security or Surveillance System camera is not the only part which needs to be checked for quality and reliability, there are other parts too which are equally important and plays the major role within the system. Analog CCTV cameras comes in various types of housing and features and the type of camera is decided according to the site conditions. There are two major types of analog cctv system:

  • Analog CCTV System
  • Analog High Definition CCTV System (AHD)


In the IP world, each network camera captures an analog image but immediately converts it to digital inside the camera. Some digital processing can happen right at the camera, such as compression and motion detection. The digital video stream is then broadcast over the local area network (LAN) using Ethernet.

Our company Network CCTV System that have been developed to meet the security requirements of our clients. Effectively used for both day and night purposes, our range of cameras have intense and bright image capturing capability. These have been provided with in-built motion detection sensors and audio recording two-way voice communication facility. We are offering these cameras at most competitive prices.

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