Coronavirus Protection Kit

Coronavirus Protection Kit

The COVID-19 Kit consist of. A) Body Coverall. B)Disposable Hand Gloves. C)Mask D)Clear Spectacles.

Protection ofall body parts isa must specially while handling Fluids, aerosol particulates, pathogens orLive Virus , Bacteria etc. inany research Lab, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Nursing Homes etc. It is equally important when there is any infectious disease outbreak ,epidemic orPandemic for complete protection of Medics, Para Medics and people atlarge. “Saviour” ‘Viroguard’Body Protection Suits arejust the right product for such applications asthey are made up of PPNon woven Lam- inated System and doubly stitched toprovide safety from ,micro-organisms , flying particulates ,direct orindirect and minute particles inthe atmosphere orwhere spread is due totouch, contaminated blood, sputum orcontamination inair etc.


Passes IS1964:2001(Mass determination), ASTM E 96/E 96M –05(MVT),BS EN 20811:1992(Resistance toWater Penetra- tion) Passes ASTM F 1670 / F 1670M-08(2014)( Synthetic Blood PenetrationTest) Passes ASTM F 1671/ F 16701M-13-Blank and Positive Control Tests using Bacteriophage phiX 174 (ATCC13706 = 2 X10 8 PFU / ml(Blood borne pathogens using Phi-x174 bacteriophage penetration asa test system)

Specifications- MODEL –1–UNTAPED SEAMS


  • Control of Pandemics.
  • Research Labs using Bacteria, virus.
  • Disaster Management Authorities.
  • Rescue and Relief Teams.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries.


  • Light weight, tough, puncture resistant.
  • Long Lasting with Extended life.
  • Laminated hence protects against micro-organisms , flying particulates ,direct or indirect and minute particles inthe atmosphere, Fluids, aerosol particulates, pathogens orLive Virus , Bacteria etc.
  • Breathable hence comfortable towear. Easily Disposable when contaminated

Affordable and Comfort

  • Manufactured with a thinner nitrile formulation that increases comfort and improves flexibility without compromising protection
  • Offers textured fingertips toprovide an improved grip for a variety of applications
  • Packed 300gloves per dispenser box to provide additional value and convenience.


The COVID-19 Kit consist of

A). Body Coverall, Itshould beLight weight disposable coverall for anti‐virus Applications. Fabric should be FilmLaminate to Spunbond PPsubstrate of 90GSM, Seam sealed, Coverall with hood, elastic tight cuff, waist & ankles with front zipper with three piece hood, sleeve tight &sleeves with thumb pullers .the entire garment has seams sealed .garment inwhite orsky blue colour. It must be accompanied with certificate ofquality as specified. 1. IS1964:2001 (Mass determination) ASTM E 96/E 96M‐05(MVT), BS EN 20811:1992(resistance to water Penetration). 2.ASTM F 1670/ F 1670M‐ 08(2014) (Synthetic Blood Penetration Test). 3.ASTM F 1671/ F 16701M‐13Blank and Positive Control Tests using Bacteriophage phiX174 (ATCC13706=2x10⁸PFU/ml (Blood borne pathogens using Phi‐x174 bacteriophage penetrations a test system).

B). Disposable Hand gloves approved asper EN374‐2:2003 for Microorganisms. Thickness would be minimum 2.5 to3 MIL.

C).Mask should provide protection minimum FFP1 AndAbove level.

D). Clear Spectacles with wrap ‐around Polycarbonate lens. Single piece design. Ergonomically and sturdy design. Clear Spectacles should beapproved asper EN‐166:2001.

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