Fire Extinguishers

very common to suppress and control the fire

Fire Extinguishers

can prevent fire and reduce the losses whenever required

Fire extinguishers are very common to suppress and control the fire. The fire extinguishers are mandatory for all types of residential and commercial establishment which can prevent fire and reduce the losses whenever required.

Fire extinguishers come in cylinder type of packaging and different types of filled materials according to the nature of fire

We have partnered with leading manufacturers of fire extinguishers for supplying all kind of fire extinguishers at best price

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

This unique product uses Patented Fire extinguishing technology packed in a compact, light weight and portable device to automatically extinguish fire within seconds as soon as it comes in contact of fire and not allowing it to reignite.

The product is Approved & Certified by International Safety and Quality Standards by Organizations like CE, ISO, and Quality Warranty & Eco Warranty.


  • Automatically operates as fire flames touch FCO extinguisher.
  • FCO extinguisher explodes (outer shell made of HDPE) and covers the area with water based compressed powder that cuts oxygen there by extinguishing fire.
  • Unique Product – Effective for all class of Fires
    • A/B (Dry Inflammable/ Liquid Inflammable)
    • C (Electrical)
  • NO Manual presence and intervention to operate.
  • NO Maintenance during its life cycle of 5 years.
  • Simple to Use, Easy to Install; Compact and Light weight – 1.5 kg.
  • Eco friendly; Recyclable; 100% harmless to Humans & Animals.
  • Uses Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP), Ammonium Sulphate as major ingredients with Activators & Detonators

Modular Fire Extinguisher

Modular fire extinguishers are ideal for use in unoccupied rooms or areas and can be used to provide fire safety protection in an enclosed space.

Available with ABC Powder, Seal fire Foam and CLEAN AGENT gas Extinguishers

Supplied complete with temperature activation bulb (68ºC) which activates the fire extinguisher when the temperature is reached

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